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Gary Robertson, lead guitar for The Lawn, and Change of Heart's Ian Blurton in his party hat at The Rivoli in Toronto, December 31, 1992

Singer Lori Yates, left, after singing with the band, Paul Farberman, vice-president of Music Business Affairs for Universal Pictures, and actress Shawna Smith. “BLUE RODEO AND FRIENDS” played…

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The members of Outlaw Neon at their exhibit at Arts On King in Toronto, December 1992.

WILD CULTURE SHINDIGThe Society for the Preservation of Wild Culture hosted an evening of readings, music and play to raise funds and promote the Anthology of Wild Culture.…

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Tyler Stewart of the Bare Naked Ladies with "The Prince of Schmooze," illustrator Emmanuel Lopez and unnamed party enthusiast.

STREETSOUND MAGAZINE’S 6th ANNIVERSARY RAVE Now what is the diff ‘twixt a rave and any other really loud party? “It’s the music,” says Sylvie Falar, the director of Streetsound magazine. Oh,…

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